Intel Celeron G4930 @ 3.20GHz CPU

In the gaming world, processing power is a fundamental element to build a PC. However, many times we do not have the necessary budget to buy the most suitable components. For this reason, we analyze some economic options that, although you will not be the best, can be an alternative for less demanding uses. In this case, we bring the characteristics of the Intel Celeron G4930 @ 3.20GHz processor, from the economic line of the Intel.

Intel Celeron G4930 @ 3.20GHz processor features

This processor was launched on the market in 2019, and belongs to the penultimate generation of Celeron processors, Intel’s budget line. It has 2 cores and the same amount of threads. This means that it does not have multi-threaded technology to perform two processes on each core. Additionally, it has 2 MB of Intel Smart Cache memory , accessible by both cores dynamically. Even comparing it to mid-range processors, we see that the Intel Celeron G4930 @ 3.20GHz is notoriously less powerful than most of them.

In terms of processing speed, this model has a base frequency of 3.20 GHz . By not having Turbo Boost technology, this is the maximum frequency that we can obtain. Of course, we will have some inconveniences when it comes to multitasking or processing a lot of data, which is to be expected. But that frequency is not bad at all for a low-end, cheap and simple processor.

One positive fact is that the Intel Celeron G4930 @ 3.20GHz comes with factory built-in graphics. It is the UHD Intel 610 model present in several low-end models of the brand. It has 64 GB of maximum memory, shared with the processor, and a maximum frequency of 1.05 GHz . It is also compatible with 4K at 60Hz resolutions. Not bad for integrated graphics in a low-end processor.


Although it is useful to have an integrated GPU, when building a gaming PC it is advisable to have a discrete motherboard. With a moderately good one, there will be no problem running medium-demand games like Fortnite or PUBG .

In short, we are facing a very acceptable processor, always considering that it is the most economical range of the brand. For general home use without much demand, including some less demanding video games, the Intel Celeron G4930 @ 3.20GHz can be an interesting alternative. Especially for its price, incomparable with more powerful processors.


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