Intel Core i3-10100F @ 3.60GHz

The Intel Core i3-10100F @ 3.60GHz processor belongs to the 10th generation of Intel low-end processors. Normally, these processors are used in general-purpose PCs, and not so much in those focused on gaming. But, anyway, this model has some interesting features for not too demanding players. We are going to review the main features.

Intel Core i3-10100F @ 3.60GHz processor features

This model has 4 cores and 8 independent threads . This means that it has Hyper Threading technology, which allows more than one thread for each processor core. In addition, it has 6 MB of Intel Smart Cache memory , dynamically accessible by all cores. Generally speaking, multithreading represents a good improvement over previous generations, but the number of cores and memory is still low compared to mid-range components.

In terms of processing speed, the Intel Core i3-10100F @ 3.60GHz has a basic frequency of 3.60 GHz that increases to 4.30 GHz . This is thanks to the Turbo Boost 2.0 technology that boosts the speed according to the demand of the moment, as long as the temperature does not exceed its limit. At this point, we can relax as the thermal design power ( TDP ) is only 65 W. With a standard cooler we can control the temperature without problems.

Finally, a few questions about this particular model. Because it is the F line, the Intel Core i3-10100F @ 3.60GHz does not have integrated graphics . This means that we will have to buy a discrete graphics card. However, if the goal was to build a gaming PC, the best decision is to have a separate GPU to optimize performance. Additionally, this model is not released for overclocking, like all i3 models.


It is important to emphasize again that this type of processor is designed for a more typical use, without too much demand. Therefore, it is not the most recommended option for gamers, who require more powerful equipment. That said, we can highlight that, despite everything, some features are sufficient for games without so many requirements. For example, we can enjoy League of Legends or Dota 2 without problems.

In short, this processor is one of the cheapest options that we can find, within what is suitable for low-demand gamers. We will not be able to run a game of the latest generation or with a lot of graphic quality, but it will be enough for a standard use and the occasional game.


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