Intel Core i5-11600KF @ 3.90GHz

The Intel Core i5-11600KF @ 3.90GHz processor corresponds to the latest generation of Intel brand processors. This, in itself, makes it one of the most recommended for assembling a gaming PC. However, it is not at the top of the range within the options offered by the brand. But it does have very good features and features, for a reasonable price.

Intel Core i5-11600KF @ 3.90GHz processor features

This processor has 6 cores and 12 threads available, to get the most out of it. The architecture allows that, in an average use, it can be at the height of its brothers of 8 and 10 cores. In addition, it has a 12 MB Intel Smart Cache memory. This technology enables shared memory access by all cores, greatly optimizing performance.

The average processing speed of each core is 3.90 GHz , a lower measurement than its predecessor to better control consumption and temperature. However, the Turbo Boost frequency improves to 4.90 GHz , somewhat higher than the previous generation. This model is not compatible with Turbo Boost 3.0 or Thermal Velocity Boost, which are reserved for the top of the range. However, since it is a K model, it is unlocked for overclocking . Therefore, demanding and experienced users can increase the performance a little more.

As this is an F version, the Intel Core i5-11600KF @ 3.90GHz does not have a GPU integrated at the factory. This may seem like a disadvantage, but when building a gaming PC it is not so relevant. Even many users prefer this type of model, because it is cheaper. It is that, after all, to play the most demanding video games it is essential to have a graphics card, so the integrated one is not very useful in these cases.

In terms of gaming, the performance is still very good, as in previous generations. Therefore, it is not very certain that an older generation processor is worth upgrading. Games like Far Cry 5 or Final Fantasy XV will run without major problems.

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The Intel Core i5-11600KF @ 3.90GHz is an excellent processor for all kinds of tasks, including gaming. Although it is not top of the range, its price, being the latest generation available from the brand, is more than right. A very reliable option to build a gaming PC.

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