Intel Core i5-8600 @ 3.10GHz Processor

The Intel Core i5-8600 @ 3.10GHz processor belongs to the 8th generation of Intel processors, released in the year 2018. Like all the components of the Core i5 line, it is a mid-range designed for general uses, multimedia and basic gaming. We are going to go over some of the specifications of this processor.

Intel Core i5-8600 @ 3.10GHz processor features

The Intel Core i5-8600 @ 3.10GHz has 6 cores and the same amount of threads. This means that it does not have Hyper-Threading (or multithreading) technology to use several threads in each core, as other processors of the same generation but of higher ranges do. Additionally, it has 9 MB of Intel Smart Cache memory , used in a shared and dynamic way by all cores. Comparing it with processors of the same generation and even later, it is not bad at all.

Regarding speed, the Intel Core i5-8600 @ 3.10GHz has a base frequency of 3.10 GHz that increases to 4.30 GHz in turbo mode . This is thanks to the Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, launched by the brand in 2011 as an improvement on the first version. It is a very good frequency for its generation and even correct for current speeds. In turn, the generation of heat does not seem to be a problem since the thermal design power ( TDP ) is only 65 W .

Additionally, this processor model includes a factory graphics circuit. It is the classic UHD Intel 630 , present in a variety of brand processors. This iGPU has a maximum memory capacity of 64 GB shared from the main one (that is, not exclusive). It also supports very good resolutions, even 4K @ 60Hz . An additional that adds value to the processor and that is not negligible.


It should be remembered that the Intel Core i5-8600 @ 3.10GHz is a mid-range processor with more than three years on the market. Therefore, we cannot demand more from you in terms of your benefits. With this in mind, and considering a fairly good discrete graphics card, we can run some current games in acceptable resolution. For example, some FIFA 21 or Call of Duty: Warzone games.

In conclusion, despite the passage of time and not being a high-end processor, this model has a more than acceptable performance. It is not recommended for intense and demanding gaming, but it can work well for multimedia and basic gaming uses.


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