Intel Core i7-11700KF @ 3.60GHz

The Intel Core i7-11700KF @ 3.60GHz processor belongs to the latest generation of Intel processors. The i7s sit halfway between mid-range and high-end processors, so they are always a good option for gaming enthusiasts who do not aspire to the most exclusive (and most expensive) technology. Let’s go over some of the main features.

Intel Core i7-11700KF @ 3.60GHz processor features

This component has no less than 8 cores and 16 independent threads , thanks to Hyper Threading technology. That is, it has the ability to take on more than one process for each core. In addition, it has 16 MB of Intel Smart Cache memory, which is accessible simultaneously by all its cores. This greatly speeds up performance for multiple jobs at once.

Regarding the processing speed, the Intel Core i7-11700KF @ 3.60GHz has a 3.60 GHz base frequency, which is extended to about 5.00 GHz . This is due to the latest generation Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology, which improves performance over previous versions. As a result, the thermal design power (TDP) is considerable, reaching 95 W. In any case, it is not something that cannot be controlled with a good thermal solution, of which there are many today.

Finally, we must refer to what corresponds to the KF acronym of the model. The F indicates that this processor does not have built-in graphics . This might sound like a disadvantage, but it is actually generally convenient for gamers. On the one hand, the price is somewhat lower, and on the other, for better performance a discrete graphics card is always recommended, so the included one would not be of much use. As for the letter K , it indicates that the processor is unlocked for overclocking. This is only recommended for experienced users, as it involves some complexity.


In short, the Intel Core i7-11700KF @ 3.60GHz processor is an extremely interesting option. It is a last generation component and, although it is not top of the range, it has very close benefits. We will have no problem running games like New Wold or even Call of Duty: Warzone.

In conclusion, we can assure you that this processor will live up to the demands. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s not the most expensive either, and it has some very prominent features.


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