Intel Core i9-10980XE @ 3.00GHz

The Intel Core i9-10980XE @ 3.00GHz processor belongs to the latest generation of X Series processors from Intel. It is the top of the range, within a line that already represents the most powerful on the market. Of course, the price of this processor also reflects its performance. We are going to analyze the main specifications to try to deduce if it is worth the investment when building a gaming PC.

Intel Core i9-10980XE @ 3.00GHz processor features

As with the X Series, this processor stands out for the large number of cores it has. The Intel Core i9-10980XE @ 3.00GHz has 18 cores and 36 independent threads, these figures being the highest of the entire brand. In addition, it has 24.75 MB of Intel Smart Cache memory, accessible simultaneously by all its cores. In this item we are also talking about the maximum available, so, in sum, we can assure that there will not be a processor with better performance.

Observing the processing speed, we see that the Intel Core i9-10980XE @ 3.00GHz has a base frequency of 3.00 GHz that expands to 4.80 GHz thanks to Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology. This implementation identifies the best cores and increases the processing frequency as much as the temperature allows. In this regard, it must also be considered that the thermal design power (TDP) is very high: 165 W. This makes it essential that we have a very good cooling system to keep the temperature under control.

Finally, some extra comments on the processor. First of all, we must say that the Intel Core i9-10980XE @ 3.00GHz does not include integrated graphics . This is normal for processors with these characteristics, since it is assumed that there will be a discrete GPU to optimize performance. On the other hand, like all the X Series, it is unlocked for overclocking. Experienced users will be able to make the most of the capacity of this processor.


There is no doubt that this processor will rise to any challenge, and even more. Whether we give it a highly demanding professional use, or build a next-generation gaming PC, this is the most powerful option on the market. We can play any game we want in the highest resolution, such as Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The only thing that represents a point against this purchase is the high price. If we can face it, there is no doubt that we are facing the most powerful processor on the market.


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