Intel Core i9-9900 @ 3.10GHz CPU

The Intel Core i9-9900 @ 3.10GHz is a high-end processor within the leading brand in these components, Intel . Although it is a model of the 9th generation (that is, two previous to the most recent one), it has some specifications that make it very interesting. We are going to see some of the main features below.

Intel Core i9-9900 @ 3.10GHz processor features

The first thing we can highlight about this processor is that it has no less than 8 cores and 16 independent threads . This is thanks to the Hyper-Treading technology that allows doubling the number of processes per core. In turn, it has 16 MB of Intel Smart Cache memory , which enables dynamic and shared use by all its cores. These numbers are quite high, considering that the Intel Core i9-9900 @ 3.10GHz is a processor with more than two years on the market.

The base processing speed is 3.10 GHz , although it does scale to an astonishing 5.00 GHz in turbo mode. The Thermal Velocity Boost technology makes this increase possible, since it automatically increases the processor capacity above the normal turbo value, whenever the temperature allows it. In addition, the amplitude between normal and turbo values ​​makes the consumption and the increase in heat more efficient. That is why the thermal design power value (TDP) is surprisingly low: only 65 W. This model, meanwhile, is not unlocked for overclocking, but for those demanding users there is the Core i9-9900K model, which does allow it.

In addition to the aforementioned, the Intel Core i9-9900 @ 3.10GHz comes with an integrated graphics circuit. It is about the already classic Intel 630 UHD Graphics, present in a large number of lines and models of the brand. They have a maximum memory of 64 GB, shared with the memory of the processor. In addition, they are compatible with 4K resolution at 60Hz.


Despite having its years of filming, the Intel Core i9-9900 @ 3.10GHz processor is still very functional and high-end. For gaming-oriented use, it has enough capacity to run demanding games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or Cyberpunk 2077 . All this, of course, accompanied by a good graphics card.

In summary, this processor is a more than interesting option, whatever the required uses. Its features are the most complete and, as it is a past generation, the price has become more accessible.


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