Intel Xeon E-2136 @ 3.30GHz

The Intel Xeon E-2136 @ 3.30GHz processor was launched in 2018 and belongs to the segment focused on companies of the Intel. The Xeon line of processors is designed to do server work within a network, and they have the possibility of being scaled. Despite this, we are going to consider it for a gamer user and see the main features.

Intel Xeon E-2136 @ 3.30GHz processor features

This processor has 6 cores and 12 independent threads, thanks to Hyper Threading technology that enables multiple threads for each core. In addition, it has 12 MB of Intel Smart Cache memory, which is accessible to all processor cores. These features are more than decent, considering that it is a processor with several years on the market. In addition, it is noteworthy that it has several security measures typical of the segment designed for companies.

In terms of processing speed, the Intel Xeon E-2136 @ 3.30GHz has a base frequency of 3.30 GHz, which is extended to 4.50 GHz. This is thanks to the Turbo Boost technology that increases the frequency when the temperature allows it. It is necessary to consider that the most current processors have version 3.0 of this same technology. Regarding the thermal requirement, it is not so important since it only amounts to 80 W of TDP.

Finally, it must be considered that this processor does not come with built-in graphics. There are other models of the same line and generation that do incorporate them, such as the Intel Xeon E-2126G. What is incorporated in the Intel Xeon E-2136 @ 3.30GHz is the thermal solution , in the box version. That can mean saving some money, as it is not necessary to purchase a separate cooler.


Considering that it is a processor designed to fulfill other types of functions, it should be noted that it has more than acceptable features for gamer use. Although it is true that it is already a certain age, at the time it was one of the most complete processors on the market. Therefore, even today it continues to be powerful and stable for most of today’s games. We can run video games like FIFA 22 or Grand Theft Auto V without problems, if we accompany it with a decent graphics card.

In short, the Intel Xeon E-2136 @ 3.30GHz is a good option for moderate gamer users. It is not high-end or last generation, but it has good features and its price is very accessible.


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